Eight Questions to Ask a Potential Christian Counselor | David Powlison
It’s all too common for people to struggle taking that first step when needing counseling. The following wise advice provides guidance as you consider next steps. Counseling is an interactive process that is established and maintained on the basis of trust. Honest and open dialogue between a counselor and a counselee is one of the most important components of building trust. (This article can be a help to people considering counseling.)

Nine Words for Every Marriage | Josh Squires
Someday my children will introduce me to the person they intend to marry. When they do, there are three sentences — nine simple words total — that I want to know they can say, in earnest, before they can have my blessing: I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me. (This article is helpful for marriage counseling, marriage counselors, married persons, and reconciliation counseling.)

Suicide Assessment | Paul Tautges
What do you do when you fear a friend or family member may be suicidal? How do you assess the seriousness of your suspicion or their suicidal comments? The following assessment tool is from the mini-book HELP! My Friend Is Suicidal by pastor and Police, Fire & EMS chaplain Bruce Ray. (This article is helpful anyone with a suicidal friend or family member. It’s can also be a good assessment tool for counselors who may be counseling a suicidal counselee.)

The CBT Therapist in Us All | Scott Mehl
“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy changes people, and we can prove it.” This implicit claim has propelled Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to become one of the most widely practiced therapies in the world. No other form of therapy has the scientific validation and popular support currently enjoyed by CBT. (This article is a good read for all those who do counseling. It may also be helpful for those who have sought counseling, and have tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and the like.)

The Aim of Caring for People in Counseling | Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation
We like the way CCEF has framed how to care for people in counseling. Using seven statements, CCEF has wisely stated the seven counseling themes. For example, #1 is “The personal God gets personal with us.” #4 is “Our hearts are active.” #5 is “Help and change follow a path, but not a script.” #7 is “Biblical counseling engages with the voices around us.” if you are a counselor, you will find these words to be wise and helpful. (These seven statements are helpful in counseling for counselors.)

The Silent Marriage-Killer | Heather Davis Nelson (HeatherDavisNelson.com)
Most Christian couples would not list shame as one of the top struggles in their marriage. However, in almost a decade of counseling, I’ve seen very few marriages that aren’t hampered by shame on some level. It’s just not often the first thing that’s identified, but it underlies so many other common struggles, especially communication and sex. (Couples and couples counselors will find help in Heather’s words.)

Love, Limits, and Mending Fences, Part 1 | Anna Mondal
Imagine you’re welcoming a new family into the neighborhood. “If you need anything at all, I’m just next door,” you offer. But to your horror, your goodwill is trampled. Within a month, your garage freezer is empty, your lawn is littered with their moving boxes, and your guillotined rose blooms decorate their dining room. What do you do? (Posted with permission from The Biblical Counseling Coalition: https://www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org)

Love, Limits, and Mending Fences, Part 2 | Anna Mondal
In the first post, we considered love and the kingdom of God as the deepest metaphors for Christian relationships. But boundaries are part of a loving life in the kingdom of God. They acknowledge our limits and protect our priorities, giving us time and space to worship God and love others.
(Posted with permission from The Biblical Counseling Coalition: https://www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org)

Can You Re-Wire Your Brain? | Jim Weidenaar, Harvest USA
In a recent post, I briefly mentioned the physiological power that sexual experiences have on the brain. This idea then raised a question: “If porn use or other sexual sin ‘wires’ our brains to that experience, is it possible to ‘re-wire’ our brains—and if so, how?” This is an incredibly practical and important question. If we know that our history of sin has left a biological imprint on our brains, should that fact encourage or discourage us? (This is a helpful article for counselors and counseling.)

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