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Eight Questions to Ask a Potential Christian Counselor | David Powlison
Most people struggle to take that first step when needing counseling. The following wise advice provides guidance as you consider next steps. Counseling is an interactive process which is established and maintained on the basis of trust. Honest and open dialogue between a counselor and a counselee is one of the most important components of building trust. (This article can be a help to people considering counseling.)

Nine Words for Every Marriage | Josh Squires
Someday my children will introduce me to the person they intend to marry. When they do, there are three sentences — nine simple words total — that I want to know they can say, in earnest, before they can have my blessing: I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me. (This article is helpful for marriage counseling, marriage counselors, married persons, and reconciliation counseling.)

Suicide Assessment | Paul Tautges
What do you do when you fear a friend or family member may be suicidal? How do you assess the seriousness of your suspicion or their suicidal comments? The following assessment tool is from the mini-book HELP! My Friend Is Suicidal by pastor and Police, Fire & EMS chaplain Bruce Ray. (This article is helpful anyone with a suicidal friend or family member. It’s also a good assessment tool for counselors who may be counseling a suicidal counselee.)