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Looking for counseling in Green Bay, WI?

Enter and submit the information below and we’ll contact you within 48 hours. Our Christian, biblical counseling is free—we look forward to meeting you. Depending on your need, we may need to put you on our counseling waitlist.

NOTE: Depending on your counseling need, we are having to put some requests on a waitlist (especially for marriage counseling). We are sorry for this and hope we’ll be able to help you soon.

Would you rather call? Call Bay City Baptist Church at 920-499-5561. A receptionist will take your information and give it to our Director of Counseling.

The Counseling Center at Bay City provides free counseling, free marriage counseling, and other kinds of counseling to the city of Green Bay and to northeast Wisconsin. We’re located on the campus of Bay City Baptist Church (1840 Bond Street, Green Bay, WI 54303). This is also the home of Bay City Christian School.

PLEASE NOTE: Our counselors, and Green Bay counselor Dave Bender, are not able to help everyone. At times our counseling calendar is full, forcing us to use a waitlist, and sometimes there are issues that require medical care and/or hospitalization. If you’re uncomfortable with our approach as stated here, please take time to research other Green Bay area counselors and therapists.