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Are you skeptical of biblical counseling or Christian counseling?

Many people are, and that’s too bad.

Most Americans view the Bible and God Himself as seriously outdated…

  • “How can that ancient book help me?”
  • “What does God know about humans and counseling?”
  • “Doesn’t psychology have all the answers?”

QUESTION: what if the help you need has been around for a very long time?

We believe it has.

Below are stories of real people we counseled—you might be surprised.

“In the summer of 2016, I went through a very hard and incomprehensible situation. I went through a time of a lot of anger and I took it out with the weakest, my children…”

Olivia is not her real name. “Like anyone else, our family had struggles, and over the years we had gotten involved in a variety of different seminars, classes, and therapies. Yet we seemed to be in the same place we started…”


“Thank you for all the care, love and support you’ve shown me. You helped me through one of the very toughest times in my life.”
–Married Female, came for anxiety counseling

“It’s totally impacted my marriage, my kids, the way I see everything, to look inside and see myself and see things I didn’t know were there. It’s been good to live a different life now.”
–Cami, came for marriage counseling and anxiety counseling

“I’ve never gotten Christian counseling prior to this and was skeptical that it wasn’t going to work for me…. It hasn’t been easy and I have a long way to go, but the counselor I have works with my schedule and has the biggest heart for her work and who she sees. She is kind, patient, and actively searches for what would help us best in our sessions, even diving into newer concepts to better understand what’s made me who I am today.”
–Ruth, came for counseling on problems stemming from emotional abuse

“[My counselor] genuinely cares, he wants the very best for my life. I appreciate his kindness even when I hear something that is hard to hear. He is truthful and trustworthy. He is easy to talk to and definitely is knowledgeable on how to help me get through a hard situation. His illustrations and examples are easy to remember. I’m truly thankful….”
–Jamie, came for marriage counseling

“What I thought was most helpful about counseling and my counselor was: There was a Christian willing listen to me in a safe and confidential environment when I had no one else. It was as if everyone was against me, especially Christians. I had no money, no home church – a foreigner, and was at the end of my rope trying to hang on. [My counselor] listened and I didn’t feel condemned unloading the battles in my mind and heart.”
–Tim, came for general counseling help and advice for life

Having skilled and Christ centered counseling has brought me out of the pit of despair…! Words can’t adequately express the appreciation I have for this ministry!!”
–P.J., came for marriage counseling

“What I appreciated most about my counselor was her prayer with me and for me throughout the week. It felt so good knowing that someone was dedicated to helping me and my family in such a powerful way. We studied scripture that related to my challenges which, helped to bolster my faith and answer my questions until I could completely trust God with everything.”
–Angela, came for counseling for various real-life difficulties

[My counselor] is the sweetest human being I have ever met. It is comforting to me that she relates with the problems I face on a personal level yet also challenges me to look to God’s Word for the solution and dig deeper to face the root causes of why I’m struggling with what I’m struggling with.
–Rebekah, came for anxiety counseling

“I appreciate the wisdom God has given you and pray that he blesses you and your family richly for the time that you are putting into ours!!!”
–Married Male, came for marriage counseling

“I have been a christian for a long time and Jesus has certainly changed my life, but I felt that I could benefit from christian counseling. Sometimes I just needed someone to talk to, someone to speak truth to me because I would get stuck in my own head. Since I have been visiting with my counselor, I am in a better place. With the counselor I have been able to sort out my thoughts and I have grown closer to Jesus. I feel safe and listened to without judgment. My counselor does a wonderful job of pointing me to Jesus…the counseling ministry at Bay City has been a blessing to me.”
–Jenni F, came for counseling for various life experiences