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Sometimes life is too hard to handle alone. We can help.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your counseling need, we are having to put some counseling requests on a waitlist (especially for marriage counseling). We’re sorry for this and hope we’ll be able to help you soon.

True Christian counseling is provided by those who are connected to God, who kindly and lovingly connect with people, and who are equipped with the proper tools. Our biblical counselors have these qualifications, and they wisely and compassionately care for people in the middle of difficulty.

Do you need biblical, Christian counseling in Green Bay? The Counseling Center at Bay City is a free service of Bay City Baptist Church serving Green Bay and northeast Wisconsin, with Christian counseling. You will likely be surprised at how thoroughly the Bible speaks to our problems today.

Types of counseling we do:

  • Marriage & family counseling
  • Relationships counseling
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Parenting help and counsel
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Anger issues
  • Sexual issues
  • Sexual abuse (as a child or adult)
  • Other

If in-person counseling seems too intimidating, the Three Desires Seminar goes deeper than psychology’s nature/nurture explanation of behavior and reveals your deepest motives, and the actual reasons for your behaviors. The nature/nurture model tends to treat people as if they don’t have a will of their own. But the truth is that we all act every day based on what we want. Yes, the nature/nurture model can be somewhat helpful in self-awareness, but counseling is usually about personal change not just self-awareness. If you want to change, you must understand what drives you from the inside. The October 2, 2021 seminar has been postponed to November 20, 2021. After that, the next seminar is in April of 2022. Learn more: www.threedesires.org

Click here to read reviews from actual attendees of the seminar.

TAP TO READ ABOUT MARIA (Sexual abuse and anger):
My name is Maria, and it is my pleasure to share my story with each and every one of you. In the summer of 2016, I went through a very hard and incomprehensible situation. I went through a time of a lot of anger and I took it out with the weakest, my children…

Our Christian Counseling Center is a free service of Bay City Baptist Church of Green Bay. It provides biblical, Christian counseling for residents of Green Bay, Appleton, Howard, Suamico, Bellevue, Ashwaubenon, Allouez, Oneida, and all of northeast Wisconsin. We’ve counseled people from as far south as Milwaukee, east to Algoma, north to Iron Mountain, and west to Antigo. And we’ve done virtual counseling for people from as far away as California.

1840 Bond Street | Green Bay, WI | 54303 | 920-499-5561