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Three desires drive YOU every day.

Three desires drive your spouse.

Three desires drive your children.

Three desires drive that person with whom you have conflict.

Do you really understand your desires?

Once upon a time, two young fish swam past an older fish. And the old fish asked:

“How’s the water boys?”

Farther downstream, one young fish turned to the other and said, “What’s water?”

In much the same way, most people don’t know they are actually swimming every single day in the waters of their own human desires.

They’re immersed in their desires and yet are clueless as to what those desires are. Most people probably rarely consider what drives them to action on a daily basis.

QUESTION: Do you REALLY know what drives you? Why do you do what you do?

Understand your desires, and you finally understand yourself…and others.

The Three Desires Seminar crystallizes the diagnostic method used in our counseling center, and reveals the deepest “why” that underlies human behavior.

At the seminar, Dr. Adrianne Fletcher and Dave Bender will reveal these desires to you. You will never see yourself or anyone else the same again.

Dr. Adrianne Fletcher, university professor and co-host of the Three Desires Seminar
DR. ADRIANNE FLETCHER is a university professor with a PhD and a master’s degree. She has been counseling and practicing social work for the past two decades with work experience in child welfare, foster care, psychotherapy, Indian Child Welfare, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and Veterans.
Green Bay counselor Dave Bender, co-host and founder of the Three Desires Seminar, and Director of Counseling at The Counseling Center at Bay City
DAVE BENDER has two master’s degrees and over 35 years of experience working with people in California and Wisconsin (teens, counseling, family counseling, marriage counseling). He is a counselor and a pastor specializing in marriage and family counseling in Green Bay, WI.

If you apply what you learn (that’s is the hard part), you will see immediate, positive impact on your relationships. Not only that, you will understand much more clearly what motivates others around you.

One hour of marriage counseling, marriage therapy, or family therapy is $80-$250 in Green Bay. This seminar delivers five hours of eye-opening material for $49.

QUESTION: Can your counselor or therapist really tell you why you do what you do?